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You can’t know what you don’t know!

Do you kick yourself in the butt for not knowing or for thinking, “I should have known that (they would have dumped me; they were lying to me; this job wasn’t for me. That my parents caused all my problems. That my ex would be abusive. That my kids would end up hating me.) You fill in the blanks.

And then, ask the following questions:

· Why do you believe you should have known?

· How does NOT knowing make you feel?

· When have you felt this same feeling before?

· Who do you think led you to believe in this way?

If you could stop beating yourself, would you want to?

Do you know how to let go of this negative self-talk?

Would you like to think better of yourself, love yourself more, and be happier?

You are not the only one who believes they ought to know what they don’t know, as this has also been part of my mindset. Then I began looking at patterns in my life that fostered the belief that I was intellectually inferior to my parents, others, and, more importantly, myself.

If you identify with the above and would want to relieve yourself of this burdensome thought pattern, give me a shout-out by an email or

I’m here to help when you are ready.

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