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Updated: Jun 23, 2023

You procrastinate, don't follow through, quit, give up, and sit on the pity pot—Why?

Because you don't make money on what you create, or you give it away because your creation isn't worth the money you are asking for? Is the money you receive a measure of how successful you are? Because what good is it if you can't make money at it?

Do you hear Voices from the past?

"If you can't do it right, then don't do it at all." And you fret silently for years over what you didn't do right, that maybe you should give up trying to do or be anything you dreamed of because you'll never succeed? Has subliminal programming from childhood pushed the adult you into being a perfectionist, which is gradually erasing what makes you, you? Or, was it the not-so-subtle voices that said, "You'll never amount to anything?" "Who do you think you are?" Was this enough for you to give up before discovering if you were good at what you do?

Have you had some success, felt good, and then someone said,

"Yeah, but you could have, should have, or I would've done xyzzy"?

It's time to stop beating yourself into the ground.

Call me. Email me—Let's talk about this.

845-594-9712 or

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