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Have you had the problem of too much blah, blah in your head when trying to make an important decision? I don't mean what outfit to wear or menu choice. Do you end this long-term relationship or friendship or quit a job or business deal because you feel it's a mistake to continue? Does your integrity in doing what you committed to do, get in the way of honoring your feelings? Do you run scenarios in your head at night, talk to yourself, have imaginary conversations, and get no answers? Do you end up with a headache or insomnia? The blah, blahs are different from procrastination. With procrastination, you more or less know what you should/could do, and you are hesitant. Yes, with procrastination, there is some fear. But, you move through the fear and generally feel glad you took some action. Procrastination is procrastinating to take action; you do or don't and are comfortable with either decision.

The blah, blahs are telling you what you want to do, but fear of negative consequences is holding you back. What if I make a mistake? I don't want to look stupid or think I wasted my time, money, talent, etcetera. Will my choice be questioned, and I'll feel like an idiot?

Do you wish you had a crystal ball instead of the magic eight ball? Did you look up your newspaper horoscope for the day, and it was of no help? Or did you wish that trusted confidant would tell you what to do so it would be their decision, not yours? And then you could blame them if it was a mistake instead of yourself, right?

So many questions. With the blah, blahs, your past is getting into your decision-making. Do you remember decisions you regret making? Was there a moment when you knew what to do and ignored it, thinking, "I'm sure this will work out; I'm being foolish; it's not that bad. Or, I committed and must stick with it to the end.

If you are asking yourself the question of what to do, you already know the answer. Especially if it has been playing out for days in your head. You have a solution for your problem, or you don't have a problem. You are concerned about the consequences, choosing the right words or using the correct examples. Werner Erhart said: Choose. Vanilla or Chocolate. If you decide vanilla is the wrong choice, choose chocolate the next time.

Think about it. You will not know how your decision will land or how you will feel before you say or do what needs to be said or done. And if keeping your word is essential to your integrity, remember you are your priority when your health and well-being are at stake. Insomnia and stress are no joke. If you don't take care of yourself first, who will? If this resonates with you, email me to schedule a free talk-cure session, and I will help you with your "blah, blahs." You will have your answer and decide the best path forward.

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