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SOUL SUCKER or the "S.S." (c) 10 March 2023

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

SOUL SUCKERS © 10 March 2023

Do you know a “soul sucker” or what I call the S.S.? The soul sucker censures, denigrates, or doesn’t give a damn what you do or finds fault with everything you do. It’s either their way or the highway. And even worse is if the S.S. is violent toward you, a child, or an animal. Soul-crushing and physical or mental violence can come from a man, woman, husband, wife, friend, relative, or boss.

When your soul is sucked dry, it appears in your thoughts, mind, or what’s burrowed into your subconscious. Soul sucking shows up in many ways: how you walk, talk, and your overall mood.

Are you perpetually sad, depressed, or have suicidal thoughts? Have you ever wished for a job transfer or that this “S.S.” was run over by a car or would find a lover and leave you?

Have you ever wondered why you stay in such a relationship or job? Or why don’t you walk out the door and never look back? Why haven’t you? Because you have so much invested in this relationship, or this person may change or is it the house, the car, the job, or the money too hard to give up? Do you have kids that would be traumatized and feel abandoned if you left? Or, has your soul been sucked so dry you can’t even imagine a better life for yourself? If you cross that bridge, are you scared you will fall off a cliff?

Soul Suckers, the “S.S., control through fear. Whether they do it consciously or unconsciously, they haven’t any incentive to change. Why would they? They have you over a barrel and whipped you into submission. Wishes, dreams, and desire has slowly dripped, dropped, and drained out of you.

Please let me how if any of the above resonates with you. I’d be curious to hear from you. And please share with others. Email:

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