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Updated: Feb 13, 2023

LISTENING RITUAL © February 13, 2023

Every day, depending on the weather, Sadienvda Princess Moon (Cherokee), better known as Sadie the Super Mutt, and I walk to the Medicine Wheel. Sadie runs, and I walk. Before entering the Wheel, I say, “Creator, I come to you with clean hands and an open heart. I send you my greetings, my thanks, and my love. I am grateful for all I have and for all that I will receive.” I offer the gift of tobacco to the Creator.

Then I enter the Medicine Wheel from the East, the place of new beginnings, and greet the rising Sun with gratitude and thanks. I stand and meditate for several minutes on the seed of thought that comes to me. Today’s message is, "Thank the Creator for investing in you."

Next, I move to the South and offer prayers, asking the seed to grow in my mind. The South is of growth and where the Three Sisters live and grow: corn, beans, and squash.

In the West, I contemplate refining the idea of thanking the Creator for investing in me. What does it mean to be invested in? I realize that the Creator has invested a lot in me, and I am eager to harvest and write about the fruits of that investment.

Finally, I step into the North, where White Buffalo Calf Woman lives and where she lays her white winter snow robe. Here, Mother Earth will sleep for several moons, and unused or ignored seeds of others go to die. I will also lay down my robe one day, but today I pray: "Please allow me to continue this life journey so I may serve those seeking emotional healing and guidance. Gift me with the knowledge they seek for their highest good. Continue to make me a conduit of the Creator’s wisdom and love.

Stepping back into the East, I thank the Creator for another insightful visit. I whistle for Sadie, who runs around the outside of the Medicine Wheel doing what we call ‘zoomies.’ On this wintery day, she is eager to return to a warm home. So am I. “Let’s go, girl!

Note: When I use the term Creator, it is not a conversion tactic. As a follower of the Cherokee road, I see it as equivalent to what others call God, Buddha, or Allah. In my view, the Creator is neither male nor female, has no throne, does not judge, and has no hell or purgatory. The Creator simply is, creating everything good and of service (plants, animals, water). We, however, have free will and can choose to create good or not. It’s up to us how we use our free will and how we serve.

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