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CONSTIPATED? April 2, 2023

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Do you suffer from CONSTIPATED THINKING? (c)

Constipated thinking looks like this:

You have been holding onto past traumas and negative life experiences, sometimes for years beyond the event.


My challenge for you is to answer two questions:

1. Pick an experience, a trauma, an embarrassing situation, or a time when it would have been better if you had kept your mouth shut. I am sure you can come up with other examples. Write them down and number them, 1, 2; see how many you can come up with.

2. when you complete your list, ask yourself, “How does each item benefit me?” Write down one or more benefits for each. Be honest. Keep digging.

The more benefits that shake loose from your conscious mind will assist you in grabbing onto the unconscious reason why the past keeps abusing you when you least expect it to.

Having Constipated Thinking does have a purpose. Unanswered “Why?” can have unpleasant and unhealthy side effects such as insomnia, irritability, mistaking others’ motives, fear, unsuccessful relationships, and, yes, impaction, actual physical constipation.

Isn’t it time to take a laxative for your mind?

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