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A child needs hugs, kisses, approval, good role models, boundaries, and more. A child needs love to thrive. If an infant does not receive the look and feel of unconditional love, it can, has, and will die!

Others grow up craving what they never received. They give others what they haven't gotten because the mind thinks it will get them what they want--love. These individuals become caretakers for others but not for themselves. All in the hope that someday, someone will fulfill their needs. They often say, "I hate feeling this way, I hate this job, etc." Pessimism sets in from not knowing how to find their soul's purpose or how to find the right job, career, husband, or wife. Some say, "When is it my time? Everything I try fails. Why am I here? What's the purpose of living?" Add this anger to adult abuse, traumas, and emotional pain to the pot, and you'll find a cauldron of brewing rage. This might explain why some, not all, genetically predisposed, mentally-emotionally abused, and, or trauma-ridden individuals express uncontrollable rage into acts of violence.

Also, unacknowledged anger can manifest into physical and mental pain in the body—back, knees, neck, migraines, depression, life-threatening illnesses, etc. In fixing one problem, another will pop up somewhere else in the body because the root cause or unacknowledged rage is left unchallenged.

The unconscious creates and uses the body and mind to distract from the buried rage because it deems it dangerous to self and others. It reacts too early childhood conditioning and anger repression and does this into adulthood.

The inner child, the toddler, is in control!

Drugs, alcoholism, and food disorders are mostly cover-ups and manifestations of the mind attempting to protect. Addictions are the balm for emotional pain and the euphoria for the lack of unconditional love. They have now become the problem and not the cure!

As a coach, I am passionate about helping you see the bigger picture, the vicious cycle we can get caught up in. And because every client has unique circumstances, I adapt sessions to one's specific challenges.

If this resonates with you and you are ready, I would happily have you as a client. Please consider scheduling a coaching session with me.

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