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Your conscious mind sits on the top stair to the basement of your mind. On its way down to the bottom stair, the conscious mind takes the trauma and mental, physical, and spiritual abuses downstairs to the subconscious mind. In the subconscious, there is a storage unit. It is filled with debris you have no desire to look at today, tomorrow, or even in the next ten years. All the abuses and feelings of abandonment, unworthiness and lies get shoved into the subconscious. All traumas deemed dangerous to look at are stuffed into the unconscious mind, where it sits, acquiring black toxic mold under a layer of the concrete floor. If disturbed, the mold could threaten the psyche, and we subconsciously know this and avoid disturbing the concrete, Life becomes about rearranging the subconscious storage unit, discarding some things, and packing in the new. And one day, with my coaching, you will investigate these boxes sealed with duct tape and go, WOW! This is what has been ruining my life and making me miserable! My coaching will assist you in examining why the subconscious has been distracting you by telling you what clothes to wear, whom to marry, and what job to pursue based on the age when soul-crushing information was stored! How valid is this information today, and do you want to believe outdated advice from a three, ten, twelve, or twenty-year-old? I can help you clutter-clear the contents of the storage boxes, keeping you from becoming self-actualized, content, and happy.

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