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Why is my oil painting of bison on my homepage? What does that have to do with coaching?

The painting is symbolic of days when we feel besieged by a blizzard of grief, abandonment, and questions about our journey in life: Why? Where am I going? And, what for?

Bison get through blizzards by huddling together in a storm, and they take turns outside the circle to protect the child within the center.

Humans huddle around their inner child, protecting themselves from the blizzards of life. Unlike bison, humans often find themselves without a circle of warmth, comfort, and caring. We set ourselves up this way to protect the child within and unconsciously freeze outside a circle of help and helping one another than reveal what our inner kid is hiding.

Did this resonate with you? You don't have to go through life alone. I am here to walk beside you, listen to you, and validate your feelings. And be someone you can trust to show you a way back to your soul's purpose. Please take advantage of the one-hour free consultation that I am offering.

Send me a message at or on my Facebook page (Judith Boggess).

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