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Not long ago, while scanning morning affirmations, I read the question, "What do you want to eat for your soul?" I've read this often, sometimes daily, and barely questioned my food choices. Hum. Do I want an egg and veggie burrito, oatmeal with raisins, or peanut butter on toast with banana slices? Like most, I could shed a few pounds, but it's been a roller coaster of battles, and I wasn't winning. It is what it is.

Then came the day I asked, "What do I want to eat for my soul?" I waited for an answer and heard, "This is not, but yet it is, about food in your pantry and emotional food in your subconscious mind."

I began to examine what, how, and by whom our souls are fed.

Flashing into consciousness came, "You are what you eat that does not feed your soul!"

During the age before reason, I ate authority figures' versions of what they thought was good for me. I ate for the starving refugees or when stressed, feeling sad, unwanted, unloved, defeated, ad nauseam. I became aware of what I had consumed and sucked up from emotional responses to traumas and trials! None of which fed my soul; it gnawed at my soul. What I have eaten over different periods turned into heavy bags of emotional toxins hanging from love handles adorning my waist, big hips, bloated belly, cellulite thighs, and sagging chin. Dieting (and half-hearted exercising) worked briefly, and then I gave up when I saw progress!

I lived what I learned until I looked behind the curtain, left OZ, and went home to find my soul and life's purpose. I love myself. I am constantly learning and always teach what I have learned and continue to learn.

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