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THE RED MAPLE part two. (c) 14 December 20222Tuesday,

Tuesday, 7:30 a.m.

The Red Maple tree looks beautiful this morning! She is blanketed with yesterday's heavy wet snow and glistens in the morning sunlight. Undoubtedly, the weight of the snow will make her drop the last of her leaves.

Wednesday, 7:30 a.m.

Well, good morning, Red Maple! I don't believe it. You are still holding onto those leaves. Amazing how tenacious you are! The oak, beech, and sassafras trees in our woods have gone back to their bare state, with only clumps of snow wedged in the crooks of their arms. Red Maple, you are so like humans. We two-legged are determined not to let go of what is no longer beneficial to mind and spirit. We say we will declutter our homes and closets and sell or give away 'stuff, 'but do we? We make excuses to clutch onto antiques, old jewelry, or yesterday's fashion clothing; attics, basements, and storage units filled with belongings we no longer have use for or ever look at anymore. They sit and collect dust.

In our minds, the unconscious dust covers the clutter of trauma, pain, and disappointment. Oh, how stubbornly we persist at hanging on, not letting go of old hurts, broken relationships, and lies. Are we sitting on the Pity-Pot? Do we seek validation for bad things that happened to us?

If Red Maple dropped all her leaves, they would fertilize her growth even better next year. This is her way, not mine. She knows her purpose is to give shelter from sun and rain to the two-legged, four-legged, winged ones and the creepy crawlers. Each year she raises her arms and display's her colors of deep burgundy and sun-kissed gold as Grandfather Sun proudly shines on her for being of service.

My expertise is not in telling Red Maple to drop her leaves. My knowledge is in helping other's to turn over the clutter in their subconscious which is buried debris from the conscious mind. These revelations then become fertilizer for their growth, with the potential to find their unique soul's purpose. Then they will raise their arms in joy, and glisten in the rays of Grandfather Sun's love for being courageous in discovering ones true soul's purpose.

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