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THE "F" WORD (c)

Did you ever get in an exaggerated downer where the “F” word feels more appropriate to describe your present circumstances than any other word?”

· Do you ever ask, “What the “F” is going on?

· Why can’t I catch a “F’ing” break, and I don’t mean a broken bone?

· What’s this “F’ing” life about except pain and loss?

· Have you ever wondered how the “F” will we get through this one?

· Or, “F’ing” gawd! Why me?

I once read a witticism framed on a dark background in a magazine, the name I don’t remember. It said in big white letters on a black background,

Why me, Lord? GOD said, BECAUSE. But why me, Lord?


Because why. Lord?


I laughed out loud. I smiled a silly grin and went on with my day thinking sardonically, “Yeah, God sure does have a funny sense of humor, doesn’t He?”

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