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Grab a pencil, a notebook, or a sheet of paper. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling are unimportant as this is not a test.

Make a numbered list, and write whatever you said or thought regarding these words: Should, need, have too, and must.

For example: "I should go on a diet, I need to exercise, I have to buy a new car, I must quit smoking. (add your personal favorites to the above.)

Take at least 5 to 10 minutes to write your responses.

Next, write a list of what has been said to you, or overheard about SHOULD, NEED, HAVE TO, MUST from family, friends, medical doctors, TV ads, or strangers.

e.g., Tom needs to or should exercise and get rid of that fat gut. Mable should wear bigger-sized pants. Giggle, giggle. You must do something with your hair; it's such a mess.

When you finish writing, ask yourself, "What is the commonality?"

Draw a line from what you have said to yourself to what others have said or perhaps what you presume they think about you. What insights have you gained?

Are you guilty of using these words on others? The reasons usually stem from the subconscious, which influences your actions and feelings.

My form of Coaching brings awareness of how the subconscious and language create your reality.

Remember: Life has only three constants: Change, Choice, and Principles

Leave a comment or PM me. I offer a free, one-hour virtual MINDSET RESET consultation. For further information regarding virtual private sessions, contact me via email at or through my website to set up a convenient time to talk. I am here for you and value your comments.

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