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UNWORTHINESS, INFERIORITY (c) . . . 29 January 2023

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

29 January 2023

Unworthy, Inferior, stupid, is this what you tell yourself? On certain occasions,

we all have said these words to describe ourselves. For some of us, these words and other derogatory words have become a mantra embedded into our Subconscious mind. After we repeatedly think or use these words aloud, the Subconscious says, "Yup! You're right. You are unworthy, inferior, and stupid. Let me see how I can reinforce this belief."

The Subconscious is a people pleaser. One of its purposes is to give you what you desire. Subconscious replies: "I hear you. I'll push you toward situations confirming your beliefs, and you will believe it was your idea to screw up. And I will also reinforce your mindset to come up with new words to beat yourself up. How about idiot, dumbass, jerk? Or this oldie, "You nincompoop!""I'll Then you can add, why bother? I'm a failure. No one loves a loser."

Are you following me? Would you like to discuss the Subconscious Mind and Reset your Mindset? And by the way, if you were thinking about it, positive affirmations don't" work.

How did this sit with you? Let me know. If you want to find out how to move past the people-pleasing Subconscious Mind and into a truer expression of who you are, I can help. Send the word READY in a text message, and I'll get in touch.

Or, PM me at MindsetReset/

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