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Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Grandfather Sun is burning with cold rays. Like the Willow tree logs in a fireplace, giving off no significant heat. Grandfather shines on the Eastside of our Brothers, the Tall Ones, the barren trees. The trees cast long dark shadows on their winter blanket of dried decaying leaves. Long and narrow gray shadows go between or touch the forest trees in a linear pattern, one after the other, until all, in one way or another, are connected.

The shadows rotate to the South as the day goes by, and as night falls, Grandmother Moon gives off her gentle light onto the Tall Ones. Shadows come and go as Grandmother waxes and wanes throughout the year. One day she goes dark; another time, she is red.

In our subconscious, we have shadows, some deeply buried under decaying denial. There are memory shadows that taunt us as they churn throughout the day. “Look at me, they say. See how I scare you? See how afraid you are to shine a light on me?”

Our dark shadows hit and miss family, friends, and others as the soot shoots out of our mouths. We wonder why we behaved in a way that is not who we want to project. Guilt builds up on the smoldering ashes of contempt deep and dark. Body aches, pains, and illness can ensue. Painful parts in our bodies might heal, but then another pain appears. The body wants to survive. It will rebel until the shadows of guilt, shame, blame, revenge, and retaliation see the light of day, and the cold flame burning and cracking our hearts turns to ashes, and we begin to heal.

The Blue Jays are calling me to feed them. My super-mutt, Sadie Nvda (Princess Moon), joins me. She wants to run in circles, bark at me as I walk to the Medicine Wheel, and say thanks for the words Creator told me to share. May you walk in Beauty. Aho.

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