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I AM TOO BUSY TO . . .(c)

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Some years ago, I got out of bed and thought, “Go exercise before you do anything else. Otherwise, you won’t do it.”

I have a guest room to use where no one will bother me. I can leave my iPhone in the Master Suite (Master Suite? Isn’t it richer sounding than saying, my bedroom and my bathroom?)

Before I do what I said I would do, let me check my Emails and then Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. I need to answer this one, send an emoji to that one, and congratulate this one. One hour and 20 minutes later.

My evil twin says, first, have breakfast, but you’ll have to wait an hour after eating before exercising, or was it a ½ hour? Well, I’ll have a smoothie. Nah, it doesn’t sound good—a one-half hour of debating.

I’ll shower first to get the sleep out of my eyes and warm up my body. Ahh! I could stay here all day. I showered, dried my hair, put deodorant on, looked in the mirror for stray hairs and blemishes, slathered on the toner, serum, moisturizer, makeup, and rechecked my iPhone, did some Google searches. Oh, look at that! I think I’ll buy it; where’s my charge card? Create a password.

One hour and 45 minutes later. Or was it more?

Now, what do I want to wear today? (It makes a difference if I am going out or staying home). I don’t like that. Ugh, throw that out. Yuck, you bought this? Oh gawd, I must lose weight!

Refolding and re-placing the pile of rejected clothes lying on the bed, into their drawers, and on hangers.-- Another 45 minutes.

Dressed and ready to greet the day. Hair styled, makeup on, and a spritz of perfume; now go exercise. Oops! First, I must make the bed, clean up my dresser, and put earrings from yesterday away, or maybe I should wear them again, or those. Oh, I’ll wear these that I have in my ears. Oh, nuts. I can’t exercise now. I’m too dressed up! I’ll get all sweaty. I’ll do it when I come home.

30 minutes more.

Oh, gawd! Where did the time go? I got up at 7 a.m., and it’s now almost-- Jeez! I better eat a fast breakfast. No, I’ll skip breakfast for a larger dinner; I’ve got to go do_____________.

I am telling my body and reinforcing my mind that the above reasons (or excuses) I have, are more important than taking care of ME. Why?

The Reward: I get to beat myself up for not doing those healthy things, plus now I get to berate myself for gaining weight, having aching joints, having osteoporosis, feeling tired, being irritable and binge eating on carbs and sweets, and…and… and….

Did this resonate with you? Let me know. If you want to find out how to move past putting yourself last and everything and everyone else first, I can help. The above is just an example. It could be anything that you are avoiding. I’ve been there, done that. PM me with the word READY and I will get in touch. or find me on my Facebook page: Judith Boggess

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