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1 ON 1 Coaching

One on One coaching is an amazing opportunity to get in touch with what is and is not working for you.  Having a coach will allow patterns in your life to present themselves, break through them, and move on to your goals.

Private Coaching sessions are on FaceTime or by phone.  It is as essential to shift your path and patterns into a lifestyle that allows living in balance with your dreams and attainable goals.


Each session is always about you. Judith brings creative tools such as writing and drawing, and the only tools you need are a pencil, eraser, a pad of white unlined paper, and a notebook for writing.  No artistic talent or writing experience is necessary.


Having a coach is an excellent investment in yourself. Judith looks forward to working with you and clearing the mind-brush from your path.

Let's get started with the Free Consultation. Please go to the questionnaire.

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