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"If life is like a game of poker and you've been dealt a bad hand, do you want to continue playing those cards, or do you want to put them down and draw new ones?"

Hello, and welcome to Intuitive Creative Coaching!


As an Intuitive Creative Life Coach, I specialize in a unique approach that goes beyond traditional methods of coaching.

I integrate 40 years of experience in Transpersonal Counseling

into my coaching.  It's where you learn how to heal your body, mind, spirit, emotion, AND those beyond-normal experiences you may have had.

My coaching style is designed for you and me to shed light on how your unconscious mind affects what you attract into your life. This is not to say bad things in your life are caused by you.

As an intuitive, I often see and hear what is not always obvious. By providing guidance along with these intuitive insights, you and I will creatively shift your mindset to bring about positive changes in all areas of your life. It takes work. And at times, it will not be easy. I am deeply committed to assisting you in creating a workable plan to bring your deepest desires into your life.

I walk side-by-side with you  on your journey. You are strong and built for the trek into a new you.
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